Probably one of the most common questions I get from my friends and family is:  So, what is the minimum stack of supplements should I take?

In January 2015, I wrote the blog Post #31 – What supplements to take for Optimal Health? There I shared my own regimen at that time, which worked out to a whopping 42 pills every day.

Over the last seven year, I have tweaked this some. Based on my research and experience. Here are the changes, I have made to my regimen over the years, which make it down to 39 pills/capsules daily!

  1. I have upped my daily dose for D3 to 10,000 IU. For most people this may be considered too much D3. But I settled at this dosage based on experimenting with different dosage levels and monitoring my lab blood work.  Over time I found that 10,000 IU gives me optimal value of around 50 for Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy. Upon recommendation from my wellness doc, Dr. Gonzales, every year, during summer, I take a six-week vacation from D3 supplementation.
  2. I discontinued both Super Miaforte (by Life Extension) and Male Rejuvinator (by Xtendlife) that I was taking for Low T, when I started using 1% testosterone gel for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). The supplements were quite effective and increased my free T by 50%, but I started TRT since the T levels were still not enough. I also do a six-week vacation from TRT every year to make sure that my body continues to produce testosterone. (Minus 10 capsules)
  3. I have added a new probiotic brand, Purely Optimal Probiotics 60 billion CFU. Now I alternate this probiotic with the RAW probiotic I mentioned in Post #31. This is to maintain further diversity in my gut biome.
  4. Based on the latest research, I changed my B-12 supplement to Cyanocobalamin from Methylcobalamin.  
  5. I have added a new supplement: Beta-nucleotide mononucleotide (NMN) that supports production of NAD+, which is crucial to one of the longevity pathways. The formulation I am taking is by Life Force which also includes Berberine and Spermidine and Lithium. All of these are recommended by David Sinclair through his research on longevity. (3 capsules daily)
  6. Another supplement I have added to my stack is Resveratrol as a defense against cellular aging, also based on longevity research by David Sinclair. The formulation I am taking is by Life Extension also contains Quercetin. (1 capsule daily mixed, contents mixed with fats such as guacamole)
  7. Garlic Extract. To further reduce and maintain my blood pressure in the optimal range, I added garlic extract pills to my regiments. I use Formula 109 Aged Garlick Extract by Kyolic. (2 pills daily)
  8. Phytoceramide. For maintaining youthful looking skin, I added a phytoceramide formulation by Life Extension. (1 pill daily)

So, what is the minimum stack one can start with for general health?

So, there you go.

  1. Supplements to correct any deficiencies: In consultation with your physician, if you find any deficiency in vitamins or minerals, it is important to take that supplement in appropriate quantities to correct that deficiency.
  2. A high-quality multi-vitamin. A high-quality multi-vitamin can make up for any vitamin/minerals short comings in your routine diet. Both Life Extension and Xtend-Life make high quality multi-vitamins that come as basic multi-vitamins as well as versions that include other popular supplements. There are other good brands, you may have to do your own research.
  3. Vitamin D-3. Vitamin D-3 is very essential to a large number of cellular activities. Most of us do not get enough sun exposure. It is very easy to measure Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, as part of your routine lab blood work. Adjust dosage of D-3 to achieve optimal value of 40 to 50 or what is recommended by your physician.
  4. Omega-3. Omega-3 deficiency is very common. Both DHA and EPA are sources of Omega-3.  About 1 grams of EPA/DHA per day is the minimum recommended dose for optimal health. To avoid any mercury or heavy metal contamination, I have stopped taking omega-3 supplements from fish. I use algae derived omega-3 supplements.  I have been taking Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals.
  5. Vitamin B12. B12 deficiency is quite common, especially among vegans and vegetarians, but also among omnivores.  So, it is important to take B12 for vegans and vegetarians. B12 can also be monitored through routine blood work.  I use 1000 mcg Cyanocobalamin by frunutta daily sublingually, i.e., under the tongue. This dosage is for someone over 65 years of age. For younger folks, the dosage can be as little as 250 mcg (under 50 years) or 500 mcg (between 50 and 65 years). You may check out research summaries on B12 at NutritionFacts.org.

From my research and experience, that will be the minimum stack I think most people should take for general health. Of course, this is not a medical advice, and you should check with a medical doctor about your specific situation and especially if you have any medical issues.

Bottom Line:

From my research and experience, the minimum stack I think most people can start with for general health is:  

  1. Supplements to correct any deficiencies
  2. A high-quality multi-vitamin
  3. Vitamin D-3
  4. Omega-3
  5. Vitamin B12

Of course, this is not a medical advice, and you should check with a medical doctor about your specific situation and especially if you any have medical issues.

 What are your thoughts on this subject?

Would love to hear from you and learn from you.

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