May be it is because I am turning 60 this year or may be it is something else… These are the questions I have been pondering lately:
• What is the object of this game of life?
• How do people die?
• How do people lose vitality?
• What would it take to have a life-span and a health-span of 120?
• How do I want to live the next 60 years of my life?
• How do I contribute at a level that is worthy of my life?
• How do I make a major contribution to preventative healthcare – the area that gets my juices flowing?

In finding answers to these questions, I have been reading whatever I can lay my hands on and talk to whoever would talk to me on this topic.

One of my recent thoughts has been to may be to find other kindred spirits – people who are searching for answers to these or similar questions – and may have even already found some answers!

Also, I am going to use this blog to reflect upon what I come across. Through these reflections I would like to share what I have learned and learn from others.

So, I would love to hear from your comments:

Are you in a pursuit of a goal to live to 120?

Do you wonder about what it might take to purposely live a healthy lifestyle to 120?

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