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In the 21 April 2014 post, I shared my story how I cured my allergies and also dramatically lowered my cholesterol without the meds.  In the 28 April 2014 post, I listed what else is possible and references to specific literature and techniques for fixing several other issues.

Trust me, when I say this: I have not invented any of this stuff.  Just stumbled upon it and personally experienced some of it myself.

And, that’s why I am obsessed with this subject. What else is possible that I have not heard of yet?  If you know of something, I will be interested in hearing about it, learning about it and then sharing it.

One topic that comes up a lot is headaches. Just the garden variety tension headaches or serious migraines.  It pains me to see or hear about someone suffering from these headaches because with some very simple to use techniques I have been helping others deal with their headaches for almost two decades now.

Instead of me telling the story, I thought I would ask a couple of people who I helped tell their stories in their own words.

I helped Jennifer with her migraine about six months ago. Her story is a fairly detailed account of her experience and also provides some context.

The second story is more recent. This past weekend, my wife and I went to see our son Dan’s Ultimate Frisbee Regional Championship tournament in Allentown, PA.  One of their most valuable player, Justin (team name Chalky), was anxiously pacing the sidelines. When I asked what was going on, he told me he was unable to play because he was suffering from a serious migraine.

With a process very similar to the one used for Jennifer, I was able to take Justin’s headache from 7 down to 0 in about 10 minutes.  He played in the semifinals and finals games without any headache.  Dan’s team won the Regionals by the way and is going to compete for the National Championship. I also include here Justin’s story in his own words.

In their stories, Jennifer and Justin refer to two different and distinct techniques.

The first is an acupressure technique that involves applying pressure with hands to various points on and around the head. I learned this technique from Jerry Teplitz in one of his talks and demonstrations almost twenty years ago.

The second technique the stories refer to is one I learned from a book: Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work: The 3 Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Life, by Ariel and Shya Kane.  In this technique, you basically ask someone a series of questions about their pain and almost magically, the pain goes away.  It is supposed to work on any pain, but I have been using it for headaches.

Using both techniques together for headaches is my own creation. I have found that if someone is having a very mild headache either technique will fix it.  However, if they are having rather severe headache, then I could bring it from say a level 9 down to 3 using acupressure technique and then talk them down from 3 to 0 using Kane technique.

So, here are Jennifer and Justin’s stories:

Jennifer’s story in her words:

Is medication really the answer to healing pain?

I was diagnosed with Migraines at age 13.  I was considered a severe case by doctors’ standards.   I would get 10-15 migraines per year that would leave me in a debilitating state.  With these types of headaches, I could not be exposed to light or sound.  I would have to lock myself in a pitch black room and sometimes miss school needing to sleep these things off for one or more days.   Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Excedrin and prescription drugs became my best friend.  The migraines became so bad one year that I finally had to see a ‘neuro’ doctor who prescribed an injection that would be called in when I felt a migraine starting.  This injection would take about 20 minutes to start working.  It would normally cure my migraines but the side effects would leave me feeling like I pulled an all-night drinking binge at my local college bar.

As I have become older and wiser, I learned the triggers that caused my migraines and I could usually sense them starting.   If I picked on the signs, I would rush to the nearest drug store and stock up on Excedrin Migraine and Advil in hopes of reducing the pain level and reduce the amount of time I would have to miss work or daily activities.

The last migraine that I remember recently having was at work.   I remember driving to work and feeling a whopper coming on.  When I got to my office, I turned off the lights and starting frantically asking folks if they had any headache pain relievers.  On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the worst), I was a 10.   I took some meds, but threw up and could not keep them in my stomach.

I decided that I had to lie down on the floor of my office and asked a co-worker to wake me up in an hour just so I could knock the edge off and I also knew I was in no condition to make the 50 mile commute back home.  I heard a knock on my door and my boss asked if I was OK.  I opened the door and proceeded to tell him the agony I was in.  I felt like my head was going to explode.   He asked me if I would allow him to try a technique that he learned of to make the headache go away.

First he applied pressure along the center of my skull using his thumbs and forefingers and then around the bottom of my skull.   It was intense pressure but not painful. He repeated the process two three times. After he was done with that he asked me to rate my headache from scale of 1 to 10. I felt much better, almost functional. I told him it was 4.

He said, “Let us see if we can make it even better”.

Then he asked me to close my eyes and take a deep breath.   While my eyes were closed, he spoke softly asking me to locate the point of headache pain.   Oddly enough, it was like searching in the dark for something but I was able to say that the pain was on the left side above my temple.   He then asked softly, “what shape is the headache”.  He had to give me a few suggestions because I asked, “Shape?” wondering what he meant by that. He said, “is it a square?, a circle?, a triangle?…”.  I quickly said, “A STAR”.   He then talked to me and said, “Ah, a star.. huh?,. it has many sharp points… “.  The next thing he asked me was, “what COLOR the headache was?”.. I replied, “red”.  Then he said “o.k., now take a deep breath and keep your eyes closed and keep yourself relaxed.”  He would ask about my pain scale from 1 to 10 at the end, each time with me having to pause and think about what my number actually was.   We repeated these steps a few times, each time, with me locating the place where the pain was in my head.  Colors and shapes would change as I gave him the first shape that would pop in my head or the first color I would see.

What I started noticing after a few times was, 1), the headache was moving.  It was not in the same place as the time before.  2) The shapes went from a star, to a square to a triangle to circle etc., and the colors going from red to purple to blue to white. In between each of these routine questions, he asked about my pain scale with each time the pain scale became less til it was finally a 1. I was hesitant to say zero but it really wasn’t a one either.

After about 10 -15 minutes of this exercise.  He asked me to open my eyes.  He asked how I felt.  I can only describe the feeling as waking up from a nap.  I was a little sleepy maybe even slightly groggy for a few seconds but MY HEADACHE WAS GONE.  He asked about my headache and I started to chuckle because the pain was not there.

I thought at first that he must have played some mind trick or hypnosis on me, but he didn’t.  Instead he explained that no two thoughts or feelings can exist in the same space.   By locating the headache and through his questions, another thought or feeling was occupying the place where my headache used to be.   I have tried this technique on my husband and child and rather than needing to reach for Tylenol, they come running to me for help and there are no side effects or scary liver issues from too much medication.

I could say that Dr. Thareja saved my life that day because I have not had a migraine of that magnitude since that day.  One reason is because when I feel the headaches coming back, I lie down and start to imagine the shapes, colors and locate the pain.   It is sort of like talking yourself down from a ledge.  I am so thankful.  I can honestly say I have not had to take Excedrin for migraine in 4 -6 months.

Justin’s (Chalky’s) story in his words

Magic Mr. Thareja

He pressed pressure points in a pattern on my head, and told me to rate the headache after each pass.  He did this several times until he had confirmation from me that the headache was going away.

After that he asked me a series of questions.  They really did not have any scientific backing to them.  He asked things like “where is the headache”, “what shape is the headache”, “how heavy is the headache”, “what color is it”, and then “now how bad is the headache”.  He repeated the questions again and again until the headache was gone.

It seemed to me that I was actually able to pinpoint the location that the headache originated from after him asking the first question several times, but the other questions just made the headache seem silly and took my mind off of the pain.  In this way, he slowly forced the headache out of my mind and effectively got rid of it.

Pretty cool stuff!