We have all heard – sitting all day is one of the worst things we can do. Yet, that is exactly what most of us do, and do a lot of it, whether at the office or at home, or traveling. Sitting for long periods, we lose vitality, our muscles weaken, our joints lose flexibility and range of motion, lymph fluid stays stagnant, posture gets deformed, blood circulation is diminished, our eyes, neck and shoulders feel strained, and host of other issues can start creeping up.

So, I started thinking of developing a quick routine that could revitalize my body, can be done in the office, home or anywhere, e.g., in an airplane or at a rest stop on the highway. Based on what I have learned from the various coaches and masters over the years and have been practicing in parts and pieces, I put together a simple, yet complete routine. I started asking everyone at our office at A&T Systems to do it in the afternoon everyday. We have had a very positive feedback on this program.

This is how we do it at our office.

Three minutes before the stretch time, on our paging system, receptionist invites everyone to join the stretch. Those who are able to, get together in a conference room at 3:15pm and then someone from the group leads the stretch. Initially, for a few weeks, I led the stretch. Then, I wrote the routine down and now with the detailed instructions provided, anyone can lead it.

I would suggest that you try it for few days and if you have a positive experience, figure out how to add it your lifestyle to increase vigor and vitality.

I would love to hear what you think of it.

What was your experience with it?

Did you experience a shift in your energy level?

Did you find yourself better physically and emotionally?

Do you have a favorite routine to vitalize and invigorate yourself?

So, here are the instructions.

HINT: It is helpful to print the following instruction in an enlarged font, so it is easier to read as you are doing or leading the routine.

15 Minute Routine to Revitalize

Set up music (140-150 beats per minute) – For example, Pandora Radio Station KernKraft 400.

  1. Begin with stretches to flex the body (2 times)

a. Interlock fingers of both hands

b. Stretch up & Groan

c. Stretch to the left;   Stretch to the right

d. Stretch to the back; Stretch to the front

2. March in place to get blood and lymph fluids moving                                     

a. March for 20 seconds in-place

b. Then, while marching

i.  Push arms forward palms open (4 times)

ii.  Push arms to the side (4 times)

iii. Push arms up (4 times)

iv.  Hug yourself (6 times)

v.  Spread arms 45 degree higher than shoulders, Pulse backwards (4 times)

vi.  Spread arms at shoulder height, Pulse backwards (4 times)

vii.  Spread arms 45 degrees lower than shoulder, Pulse backwards (4 times)

c. March lifting knees high

i.  Thighs parallel to the ground (4 times each leg)

ii.  Add twist with opposing elbows (4 times each leg)

d. Jump in place (20 seconds)

i.  Adding arm raises

e. Back to marching in-place to cool down (20 seconds)

f.Shake hands in front, to the side and up

  1. Shake up all the joints

a. Start with Right arm

i.  Flick the fingers (12 time)

ii.  Shake the hand from the wrist (12 times)

iii. Shake the hand and wrist from the elbow (12 times)

iv.  Shake whole arm from the shoulder, nice & loose (6 times)

b. Repeat a. with Left arm

c. Next, start with Right leg

i.  Curl and stretch toes (12 times)

ii.  Left foot up and down from the ankle (6 times)

iii. Left circles from the ankle (6 times)

iv.  Right circles from the ankle (6 times

v.   Shake it all about from the ankle

vi.  Up and down from the knee (6 times)

vii.  Circle left from the knee (6 times)

viii. Circle right from the knee (6 times)

ix.  Swing the entire leg from the hip, nice & loose ( 6 times)

d. Repeat c with Left leg.

  1. Breathing (Stop the music for breathing) – Energizing and Calming Breaths

a. 2 counts IN, 8 counts HOLD, 4 counts OUT

b. Cleansing breath – Slow deep inhale, slow exhale

c. 2 counts IN, 8 counts HOLD, 4 counts OUT

d. Cleansing breath – Slow deep inhale, slow exhale

REMEMBER to take full breaths, fill up belly, then middle chest and then upper chest

e. 3 counts IN, 12 counts HOLD, 6 counts OUT

f. Cleansing breath – Slow deep inhale, slow exhale

g. 3 counts IN, 12 counts HOLD, 6 counts OUT

h. Cleansing breath – Slow deep inhale, slow exhale

REMEMBER to soften your face and put a smile on your face

i.  4 counts IN, 16 counts HOLD, 8 counts OUT

j. Cleansing breath – Slow deep inhale, slow exhale

REMEMBER to breathe in all the goodness around you and breathe out all negativity

k. 4 counts IN, 16 counts HOLD, 8 counts OUT

l. Cleansing breath – Slow deep inhale, slow exhale

m. 5 counts IN, 20 counts HOLD, 10 counts OUT

n. Cleansing breath – Slow deep inhale, slow exhale

  1. Affirmation

o. Last, turn to your neighbor and give them a double high-five

(If you are doing it all by yourself, then point to yourself with two thumbs)

and say, “YOU ARE AWESOME!!”